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State-of-the-art learning tool to acquire business skills in five minutes.

Business Masters

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Microlearning is changing human resource development. Microlearning is changing human resource development.

A major challenge in current human resource development is a lack of time to spare.
Microlearning allows for learners to get high quality input in a short timeframe.

  • Learn in 5 minutes

    Learn in 5 minutes

    Individual themes can be studied in five minutes. Make use of it whenever there's a free moment.

  • Anytime,anywhere


    The lessons can be listened to using a smartphone or tablet. There's no need to spend time going to seminars.

  • The substantial contents

    The substantial contents

    Themes are carefully selected, allowing for ample learning in a short amount of time.

State-of-the-art microlearning tool

Business Masters

Business Master's is a state-of-the-art learning tool that reliably improves skills using effortless learning methods, while directly benefiting business tasks as a mode of inquiry-based learning. We've launched a learning method revolution that upends conventional approaches, and it begins here.

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  • 異文化マネジメント

    Cross cultural

  • コーポレートガバナンス


  • リーダーシップチャレンジ


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Businees Masters

Cicom Brains has provided training services for 30 years. Business Masters has been built on the company's strong track record and expertise.
Only 5 minutes per theme — spend less effort on learning. Being able to use any free moment of the day makes it easy to continue studying.
8 themes have been carefully chosen that cover fundamental principles useful for global business. Focus is given to key issues, making learning efficient.
Every course has a challenge test that can be used to determine pass/fail or other criteria. These advance learning while making sure knowledge is internalized.
Japanese, English, and Chinese language versions launched simultaneously. Achieve a standardized quality of education among Japanese and local staff. *Future language support will center on Asian region languages such as Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese
Business Masters can be used as an inquiry-based learning tool for determining what knowledge is required for sudden business needs.

Benefits of using
Business Masters

  1. merit01 Standardizing the quality of education among all employees By standardizing fundamental business knowledge throughout an entire global organization, the same quality of education can be provided to employees of many different nationalities.
  2. merit02 Promoting learning effectiveness through flipped training Through a flipped learning* approach that combines Business Masters with group training, more time is given to discussions and exercises, improving learning effectiveness. *Flipped learning, where the role and style of homework and classroom learning are reversed, is made a part of a company's training program.
  3. merit03 Seamlessly manage learning progress Learning progress is managed as data for all learners, making progress easy to track and analyze for each person. No time is spent on getting the data.

Cicom Brains provides training programs focused on a range of issues confronted by organizations and their employees.

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