Course Lineup



This course aims to give students marketing-related knowledge and skills needed to analyze the market environment and then design and propose new products and services that enhance customer satisfaction.

Skills acquired

  • The ability to construct marketing approaches

    Students will learn the strategy formulation process and become able to put together the right marketing mix.

  • The ability to think critically

    By becoming able to analyze market environments, students will adopt new marketing thought processes developed in recent years.

  • The ability to forecast

    Students will use the Business Model Canvas and become able to incorporate new earnings opportunities into business strategy.

Who stands
to benefit

  • People looking to learn about
    marketing from the ground up
  • People working in departments that
    support new business development
  • People who may be involved in new
    business development in the near future


1 What is marketing?
1 What is marketing? 1 The difference between marketing and selling
2 The role of marketing strategies
3 The marketing strategy process
2 STP 4 Segmentation
5 Targeting
6 Secrets of effective segmentation and targeting
7 Positioning
8 Steps for thinking about positioning
9 Marketing mix
3 Product strategies
3 Product strategies 10 Product strategies
11 Products as an assemblage of values
12 Product concepts
13 Product lifecycle
14 Brands
15 Decision-making about branding
16 Brand strategies
4 Pricing strategies
4 Pricing strategies 17 Pricing strategies
18 Pricing strategies
19 Price customization
20 Product bundling
5 Channel strategies
5 Channel strategies 21 Channel strategies
6 Promotion strategies
6 Promotion strategies 22 Promotion strategies
23 Definition of communication mix
24 Advertising media
25 Sales promotion
26 Sales functions
27 Push and pull strategies
7 Transformation and evolution in marketing
7 Transformation and evolution in marketing 28 B2B marketing
29 Service marketing
30 Digitizing promotional activities

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