Course Lineup


Management strategy

In addition to imparting a knowledge of the tools and frameworks needed to analyze the environments that are internal and external to a company, as well as the frameworks useful to develop strategies at the company and business unit levels, this course aims to enable people to apply this knowledge to their work.

After learning about the basic processes involved in formulating strategies, students will explore relatively new business strategy theories that have come about in recent years. Rather than focusing on capturing market share through competition, the Business Masters approach focuses on strengthening students' understanding of how to change the rules of competition and create new markets.

Skills acquired

  • The ability to use tools

    Students will become able to make appropriate use of strategy tools and frameworks.

  • The ability to comprehend things read

    Students will become able to get the right message through analysis.

  • The ability to solve management issues

    Students will become able to identify issues and propose suitable solutions.

Who stands
to benefit

  • People with an interest in management
    and business strategy formulation
  • People looking to improve
    their strategy formulation skills
  • People who work in an organization that
    formulates strategy but who have never
    formally learned and acquired the relevant
    theories and knowledge


1 Basic framework for
management strategy
1 Basic framework for
management strategy
1 Strategy definitions and requirements
2 BCG matrix
3 GE matrix
4 Strategy formulation process
5 PEST analysis
6 5Forces
7 3C analysis
8 Value chain
9 SWOT analysis
2 Michael Porter's Generic Strategies
2 Michael Porter's Generic Strategies 10 Identifying strategic options
11 Porter's Generic Strategies
12 Strategies based on competitive positioning
13 Ansoff's growth matrix
14 Customer satisfaction and strategy types
15 Strategic option assessment
3 Blue Ocean Strategy
3 Blue Ocean Strategy 16 Key points of the Blue Ocean Strategy
17 Value innovation
18 Tipping point leadership
19 Fair processes
4 External growth strategies
and partnerships — M&A
4 External growth strategies
and partnerships — M&A
20 Two approaches to implementing strategy
21 Partnerships and M&A
22 Standards for choosing M&A
targets and business partners
23 Executing and disengaging from business

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