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Logical thinking

Business people must be able to organize their thoughts logically in all manner of situations, which requires skills in, among other things, making proposals, negotiating, reporting, presenting, planning, analyzing, and problem solving. Logical thinking, often considered an unapproachable concept, is a way of thinking that anyone can do simply by understanding a few principles, and it is a skill essential for modern business people.

Through this course, students will acquire the tools of basic logical thinking and learn techniques for persuasive communication, a key to getting solutions from the proposal stage to the execution stage.

Skills acquired

  • The ability to solve problems

    Students will become able to identify problems and develop suitable solutions.

  • The ability to offer suitable solutions

    Students will become able to make persuasive proposals and action plans.

  • The ability to persuade

    Students will become better at explaining things to others by learning how to construct logical arguments.

Who stands
to benefit

  • People engaged in corporate planning,
    business planning, and similar activities
  • Middle managers looking to foster team solidarity
  • People looking to use logical thinking
    in their day-to-day work


1 The basics of logical thinking
1 The basics of logical thinking 1 What is logical thinking
2 Clarifying the objectives and themes to be considered
3 Pin down points of contention and think systematically
5 Deductive and inductive methods
6 Hypothesis-driven thinking
7 Logic trees
8 Matrices
2 Techniques for thinking
about problem solving
2 Techniques for thinking
about problem solving
9 Problem solving process
10 Break problems down and give them form
11 Investigate causes
12 Propose solutions
3 Communication design techniques
3 Communication design techniques 13 The purpose of communication in business
14 Understanding the other person
15 Pyramid structure
16 Pyramid structure creation process
17 Pyramid structure exercises
18 Thinking about communication methods and processes

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